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About Mondays and staying sane.

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Walking on the Excelsior Wine Estate in the Robertson district of the Western Cape.

The weekend is done and dusted.

Monday, in other words.

Today I am seriously going to start getting ready for the ‘building’ that will hopefully start happening on the 22nd of this month, to divide my guesthouse into two units. I need to have a meeting with the builder to make sure we are on the same page, I need to get the quote back from a cabinet maker, and I need to go and look for some hardware. I also want to go and have a look at wallpaper that a friend has (she used to renovate houses, and she has some rolls of wallpaper left over) because I think that it will make a room a lot more interesting than just painting it.

My real estate job is a serious bust at the moment, but thankfully the guesthouse has been doing very well, so I am really hoping that having two units will make it even better.

As I’ve told you before, I do like time on my own, but I am not quite hermit material yet. Although, in all honesty, I do find it more and more difficult to leave my house, even for grocery shopping… There comes a time when I’ve had enough of being alone, and that time has come. It helps a lot to know that my SO is coming down here in two weeks’ time! Happy days! Now all I have to do is try and hold onto my sanity for another 10-12 days…

To get through the weekend, I took Daisy for a nice long walk on Saturday, through the vineyards on a wine estate in the area. We both enjoyed being outdoors and in such beautiful surroundings. There are not many things that come close to a bit of mild exercise in nature to make you feel better. It gave me the necessary boost for the rest of the weekend.

There really are many benefits to walking everyday, and I really try to do just that. The advantages are not only physical, but also mental. If you don’t believe me, have a look at this article. I must admit that there are days that I just decide ‘I don’t wanna’ and then I block my mind off from the advantages, even though I know I should just get on with it. Maybe this week I’ll get myself to walk everyday…

Good luck for the week ahead, be happy, healthy and safe! 🙂

Summer wine.

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The weekend is here.

Wasn’t it just the weekend? Some days time flies, others it feels like a day has 48 hours. This week has flown by.

This has been one of my all time favourite songs for years now, and warm, end-of-summer days like today make me think of it. It feels like the perfect way to end a week. If you enjoy this version, give the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood version a listen too, and let me know which one you prefer.

I don’t have much to say today, other than enjoy the music.

CHEERS friends, hope your weekend is a good one! 🙂

All about the figs.

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A bowl of beautiful figs.

Figs. I love them.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to pick fresh figs off the trees on a wine farm in the area. Leipzig Wine Farm is situated in a beautiful area with mountains and views all around. It is situated in the Nuy Valley outside Worcester in the Western Cape. They have a fig orchard on the farm, and they opened it up to the public to go and pick to your heart’s content.

I love figs (have I mentioned that before?), so I jumped at the opportunity!

A few scenes on Leipzig Wine Farm.

As you can see, a beautiful place! And what about the sexy scarecrow on the bottom left? As far as I could see, she was not doing a very good job of scaring the birds away! 😀

So, now I had 2 kg of figs. Heaven. But those of you who know figs, also know that they go from firm to soggy as quick as you can say ‘fig!” I did climb into them and ate a lot while they were still fresh and firm, but yesterday I found myself with a bowl full of far from firm figs. (See what I did there? 😉 ) I had to make a plan. I came up with cinnamon and sugar roast figs. Or rather Pinterest did…

From the top left: preparing the figs, dipped in cinnamon sugar, under the broiler, done, and breakfast this morning.

Yum! It was gooooood… A first for me. I’ve had figs fresh off the tree, as jam, whole figs in syrup, dried figs, but never roast figs. I will do it again. I have some left over still, maybe I’ll make some custard to go with the rest of them this evening…

Midweek thoughts.

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A few random thoughts, which you may or may not agree with…

With all the information available on the internet these days, don’t you think things have actually become more complicated, instead of simpler? For instance – how do you choose what to eat, and what not to eat? That is, if you are interested in living a healthy life. Because the one article/post will tell you to stay away from any dairy products, the other will say you have to include it in your diet. One blog will say follow a keto diet, the other will say do that only if you want to die young. Stay away from charred meat or toast, it causes cancer. Eat lots of eggs if you want to die of a heart attack, avoid eggs if you want to live a long life. Drink coffee, don’t drink coffee. Eat bread, don’t touch bread. So, okay, what do I eat?

The same with child rearing. We, and our mothers and grandmothers (and all previous generations!), raised our children with lots of love, common sense, intuition, advice from our elders, and trial and error. I think we turned out just fine, as did our children. I mean, our generation are the Bill Gates, the Meryl Streeps, the Angela Merkels, the Freddy Mercury’s, the Richard Bransons of the world. Our children are well on their way to make names for themselves, and a lot have already done so, so I think our generation did more than okay in the child rearing stakes. Nowadays, babies are raised strictly according to Instagram and blog posts written by so called experts (mostly other moms), and what do we (the previous generation) know about raising babies. We are listened to with half an ear and quickly told what the ‘right’ thing is to do and how. Even if every single post have different ideas and advice, sometimes contradictory – Sleep train your baby! Never sleep train your baby! Let your baby sleep in your bed, don’t fall into the pit of co-sleeping! No trace anymore of following your gut, your intuition or your own mind – it is not to be trusted.

It is the same with just about everything else. Do this, don’t do it. Don’t do it like that, do it like this.

Is there anybody out there who still decide for themselves what and how they are going to do something? And think about things – social media even wants to force everybody to think the same! Why have we got minds of our own if we are not allowed to use it?

So here’s how I’m doing things. I eat what I like, when I like it, but always in moderation. I love bread and real butter, I will not stop eating it. I love cheese – plain, full fat cheddar or gouda, camembert and brie, and I always have some in my fridge. I’m not a vegetarian, and I’ll never be one, but I do like to do meatless meals often. I like having a glass of wine or two, sometimes a G & T, even an ice cold beer on a very hot day. I do not like Mexican food, and I refuse to eat worms, snakes, scorpions, horse, cat and dog meat.

I’ve cut down on social media and especially the news, drastically, because I won’t be brainwashed or forced into what I should think about things happening in the world, I’ll make up my own mind about it. (I do enjoy needling people on FB sometimes, but I refrain from doing that now, since I only glance through my feed these day.) I will not let others prescribe to me how I should feel about the overpopulation of the world, raising cattle or sheep, Trump/Biden, raising ‘genderless’ children, abortion, the Kardashians or the Cambridges/Sussexes.

I will not force my opinions on other people, and I expect the same respect from them.

Does that sound fair? I think so.

Have a wonderful Wednesday people!!! 🙂


Feeling a bit ‘meh’…

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Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away…

I haven’t posted for three whole days!

Oh my, oh my… Quelle horreur… 😉 Not ! But I would have liked to do a post on the 1st of March, since that is officially the start of autumn in the southern hemisphere, and I’m all into that! 😀

Somehow it didn’t happen for me yesterday. I did take my laptop and I opened up the ‘write’ page, but I found myself staring blankly at the screen – just like I imagine a zombie would. And then the cat wanted to get on my lap, and for the moment, what Cat wants, Cat gets. (BTW, he is doing better everyday.) So I had to put the laptop down, and that was that!

We had our first seasonal rain yesterday in the late afternoon. It was a complete blessing after the heat and mugginess of the day. We had a quick ‘storm’ – some heavy wind combined with rain – to start off with, with some soft rain following right after that. So that cooled everything down nicely. It was such a relief! I hope it is the start of a good rainy season.

I am feeling a bit out of sorts lately. I can easily sit and do nothing for hours, which is not a good thing as far as I’m concerned. I honestly think this Covid nonsense is getting into my head at last. And the constant heat. When I’m feeling like that, I don’t even pick up my knitting. What? Gasp!!!! I know, I know … I actually haven’t touched my knitting for at least two days, and not because I’m too busy. So I have to do something about that, I think.

I went out and bought some gardening stuff this morning, just a teeny tiny bit of things. I’m going to feed my orchid now, and I want to do an experiment with a tomato plant that I saw on YouTube. I will let you know how that turns out. Since my disaster with the table renovation, I haven’t done anything further about that, since I had guests in the guesthouse, and I visited my son and daughter-in-law over the weekend, and I plain didn’t feel like it yesterday and today, but I will definitely carry on with that project tomorrow. I will absolutely get that done this week.

The tomato seedlings are doing well.

So… I quickly wanted to give my orchid some food, and then I noticed darn ants all over and inside the pot! Of course I immediately took the plant out of the pot, washed all the ants off, and since it was already ‘unpotted’, I decided trim the roots that don’t look so well, and to also re-pot while I’m at it. Lucky orchid, fed, trimmed and potted all in one fell swoop!

Washed and trimmed.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, if not quite so wonderful, at least a safe one. 🙂